Best Pizza in Baton RougeIt’s the perfect time of year to eat pizza! We at Phat Boyz Pizza suggest taking a break from all of the holiday turkey and brussel sprout left overs, and swapping them with the best pizza in Baton Rouge! This month revolves around gathering with friends and family to eat and celebrate the holiday season. For these joyous gatherings, what could possibly be better than a pizza party?

The following are reasons why you should throw a pizza party with the best pizza in Baton Rouge:

1. You don’t have to get dressed for the cold when throwing a pizza party! Instead of spending hours putting on layers of clothing and going out in the cold, get comfy on your sofa watching your favorite TV shows or Christmas movies!

2. Speaking of getting dressed, how about eating in your onesie? It’s a judge free zone at a pizza party, unlike a company Christmas party where wearing your pajamas are sure to gather some stares from your fellow colleagues. So kick back with your friends and family, proudly don your onesie and enjoy the best pizza in Baton Rouge!

3. You get to enjoy delicious Phat Boyz Pizzas! Nothing beats spending time with friends and family while enjoying high quality, delicious pizza! Take the time you would’ve spent cooking for a holiday party, and spend it relaxing with your family!

4.Dance the night away! Forget the fear of dancing in front of your colleagues and being judged for your wacky dance moves. At a pizza party, you are able to freely dance in peace alongside your friends! Imagine you and your friends dancing the night away in your onesies with a piece of the best pizza in Baton Rouge in your hands! That’s a party I’d like to attend!